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The Third Testament: Ilect Verses Of  Emperror
Haile Sellassie I

Published 1997 By:  Headstart Printing And Publishing
693++ Pages
U.S. $40.00
    The First Edition Of This Book Was Published in 1967 as a hardback publication. It was entitled    "The Selected Speeches Of His Imperial Majesty Emperror Haile Sellassie I". It constituted a compilation of most of His  Imperial Majesties speeches made during the period from 1918 to 1967.
    The second edition, published in 1997 here in Jamaica by Headstart Printing And Publishing  Company constitutes a reprint alongside a publishers introduction by Ras Miguel Lorne on the book, on Rastafari ,and on how  Rastafarians interpret the speeches.  The book has eighteen chapters  and 208 speeches ranging from topics such as Education, in the first  chapter, to International Politics and ending with a chapter on the Press.
      It is particularly named as the Third Testament because we Rastafarians see  Emperror Haile Sellassie I as the ALMIGHTY, and CREATOR of all things, thus his speeches are what we know  constitutes the Third Testament.  The Bible is made of two testament, the old which is the first and the new which is the second. This Testament which is the third, is the "fullfilment" and the "perfection" of the first two.