Rastafari Books

The Autobiography Of Emperror Haile Sellassie I Kings Of Kings And Lords Of  Lords
" My  Life And Ethiopia's Progress"  1892-1937

Translated By:  Edward Ullendorff
Published By: Research Associates School Times Publications
U.S. $49.95

The Autobigraphy Of  Emperror Haile Sellassie I King Of Kings And Lords Of Lords
"My Life And Ethiopia's Progress"  Volume II 
Translated By :Ezekiel Gebesis
176 Pages
U.S. $41.42

The Promised Key  (Rastafari Foundation Writings)
By Leonard P. Howell
Published 1996 By: Headstart Printing And Publishing
39 Pages
U.S. $10.00 
(Available At Wholesale Price For Purchases Of 10 And Over)

Jah Hug 
By Repatriation Productions
Published 1998
48 Pages
U.S. $10.00

Report On The Rastafari Movement
In Kingston Jamaica
By  Roy Augier , M.G. Smith,  Rex Nettleford
Published 1967 By University Of The West Indies

Rastafari For The Healing Of The Nation
By Dennis Foresythe
Published 1997 By: One Drop Publishers
U.S. $20.00

The War

By: Ras Bali
U.S. $3.00

The Groundings With My Brothers
By: Walter Rodney
Published By: Research School Times Publications
68 Pages